Ranked – 20 days left

So, 20 days left of ranked battles, we are about halfway though!

Ranked can be tough, so we’ve decided to give you some tips & tricks in this post. Reaching rank 1 is extremely hard, yet rewarding. Getting there will give you:

-2500 doubloons*: this one is really worth fighting for, worth £8.59,. These doubloons will genrally help you anywhere, although may struggle to find you a higher-tier premium ship.

-100 type 3 ranked camo: decreases detectability, decreases the accuracy of the enemy and increases commander xp by 50%. Quite a useful camo, that conveniently can be used with dragon flags for a staggering total of 488% commander xp per battle. (if you really want to get into captain grinding look out for the restless fire camo, with dragon flags, the xp becomes 683%!)

-Jolly Roger: ‘A commemorative flag granted for achieving Rank 1‘. That explains it all, yet it carries a whole load of respect. Deceiving Rank 1 is extremely difficult, so if you see one of your allies with this flag, you will know they are a pretty good player.

*note at rank 11 you get 250 doubloons, if you include this the total becomes 2750 doubloons

There are the the main rewards, but how will you get them in time?

It simply relies on a single thing: Teamplay. If your team plays well together, and acts as a group, no single player will be able to beat you. Teamplay starts when you call a point to capture(or in epicenter, a side), you  must make sure every single player is going to come.

You could choose an organized scout, usually a IJN dd to spot, or (if the enemy comes to the point you called) capture the opposite point. This can give your team extra information, or extra points, but it comes at the cost of a destroyer in the main battle.

Apart from that, don’t stress! Ranked can bring some intense pressure, especially because it is 7v7, and because losing completely cancels out a great victory. Keep calm, think your tactics through, and try and guess your enemy’s moves. Then enjoy the rewards of reaching rank one…