Submarines in World of Warships?

One of our team was just looking through at the ‘armored patrol’ website at the april fools leak and saw this, and looked in disbelief:


First of all, a Marinefährprahm is a ‘naval ferry barge‘: basically a landing craft. How will this be implemented in the game? You can hardly have much fun sailing a landing craft, defenseless, while being rained on with enemy fire. Our thoughts on this are that the landing craft must be some part of the ‘co-op missions’ that were mentioned in the 2017 plans for the year video. They will probably be controlled by AI, where in the mission you will have to escort them to a safe location, or an attack (see next paragraph). I highly doubt these will ever be part of random battles unless a new, more abstract gamemode was released.


Then there is Landing Craft Infrantry. We can only assume that this reffers to actual troops that will be coming off the Marinefährprahm. Maybe these could be implemented in a mission, where you have to escort landing craft, to then deliver the infantry, who will then attack the naval fortress, or make an attack like the D-day landings.

Haskell-class attack transports were ‘amphibious assault ships designed to transport 1,500 troops and their combat equipment, and land them on hostile shores with the ships’ integral landing craft’ So basically a larger infantry ship, with the same intentions as described earlier.


Finally, the Shchuka-class submarine. Here are the details:

  • the submarine does not have any torpedoes – ummmmm wait a second it has :
    • 4 × bow torpedo tubes
    • 2 × stern torpedo tubes
    • 2 × 45 mm (1.8 in) semi-automatic guns

    so you take away torpedoes and have… 2x45mm guns. They are not going to go much! Presumably subs will have to be fast, very fast, to even stand a chance. Or of course be part of a co-op mission. Or maybe have a ‘new type of armament’ as mentioned in the 2017 plans for the year video.

  • Cannot  submerge – well even if it could it wouldn’t be able to do any damage…
  • Cannot be detected by surface ships – Fair enough if it only has 2 tank guns.
  • Detected by aircraft,  sonar and radar, or a proxy spotting distance – so you can’t spot them from the ground, but you can 1 mile up. That will be interesting. And how many hitpoints will they have, if they are so hard to spot. If a sonar consumable comes out, subs must have to be powerful enough for people to feel as a threat, and actually feel they need sonar to counter subs. A proxy spotting distance will probably be 3-8km? The sub captains (if players can actually get them) will probably stay away from ships at this range, as the subs will probably have destroyer hitpoints.
  • Wait a second: it only mentions one submarine – true, maybe we are over reacting, but if subs do come out, it will be a very heated decision!