ARP Kongo – Ship Reveiw

The Kongo is a beast of a ship – It’s a Tier V Battleship with 30 knots top speed!

Before we get into doing well with this ship, here are the stats:

  • Hit points :54,100
  • Main Battery: 4×2 356mm
  • 2rpm
  • 21.2 km range
  • Max AP damage:10,200
  • Max HE damage:5,700
  • HE fire chance 25%
  • Secondary Armament: 14×1 152mm 4km range, 4×2 127mm 4km range
  • Alot of
  • Turning circle: 770m
  • Surface detectability: 16.2km
  • Air Detectability: 11.7

Now, how to play with the Kongo 

The Kongo has some very good strengths, but also some weaknesses you will need to work around.

Main Strengths :

  1. Its speed – This ship’s speed is comparable with cruisers, so you should use this to its advantage. Try not to over – extend though!
  2. Good maneuverability – with some tactical thought torpedoes won’t be your biggest enemy, even when they come from the air. (although the rudder shift time is long, the speed makes up for it)
  3. Excellent Guns – Have fun being mean to cruisers in this ship, these 356mm guns will easily get their citadels, and also have a 4 second quicker reload time than the New York’s. A 21+ km range is astounding, especially for the maps it is often placed on.

Main Weaknesses :

  1. Its armour: As a IJN Battleship, it has a speeded out armour scheme, unlike the all or nothing USN. This means your citadel is quite open, especially as it’s highest protection is 203mm compared to the New York’s 305mm.
  2. Weak AA – It may have 36 AA guns, but they’re going to find it hard getting planes out of the sky with an average of 15 damage per second.
  3. Easily detected – with a 16km detection range, you can probably count on being spotted for almost the entire game.


A great game

The main reason why we did a ship review of the ARP Kongo was because of this battle:


This is almost the perfect game for this ship. Citadels, 65 shots on target and 135k damage. This member of our team actually only had around 40 games with battleships, so he made a mistake. The one thing that went wrong was he over – extended. He misdudged the speed of the ship, and pushed too far forwards while his team died around him. Luckily though, the team won on points.

Learn from this, and go and have some fun games in the ARP Kongo!