Ring – Map Tactics

The ring map has just come out in update 0.6.2,  so it’s time for some map tactics!

Game Scenarios

Looking at the games we have played on ring, here are the three average games on this map:

  1. A quick, decisive clash on one side – Both teams rally up their captains to all go to one side, then meet each other head on. Often one team will overwhelm the other, leading to a quick, action filled game. Sometimes one team retreats to the other side before it is too late, but then lose on points.
  2. A dreary game, where each side circles round and round the center – shots are just limited to the gaps in the island, impatient players go through the center but get focus fired, and suddenly the game ends after 20 mins.
  3. One team is a confused mess, the other organized and victorious – this is good if your team is organized, frustrating if not!

Notice a trend here? Yep,  Ranked battles often go through one of these three scenarios, so Ring may be used in the next Ranked season!

Plans for the start of the battle

Firstly, and most importantly,  you need to declare a side. Left or right. It’s as simple as that. Then you need to send one of your destroyers to the opposite way round – this will come in very useful.

During the Battle

Make sure all of your team, except that destroyer goes to the side you declared. If people do not stick with the plan, the battle will become scenario 3, with your team defeated. Stick together, and focus fire. Get ready for two things to happen.

  1. You meet the enemy head – on. You must organize your team to focus on one ship at a time, so that you can eliminate them one by one. Your destroyer – he will capture the other two capture points to give you a massive points boost.
  2. The enemy team chooses the opposite side to you. This is where it gets interesting. Your allied destroyer will keep the entire team spotted, whilst holding them up with deadly stealth torpedo strikes. Your team will continue circling round, and catch up with the enemy, thanks to your destroyer. The enemy will be pretty much cornered. You destroyer will threaten fleeing ships with torpedoes, while the main fleet picks off ships one by one.

So there are our map tactics for Ring. Enjoy leading your team to victory!