Sea Smackdown 2 – Quick analysis

Sea Smackdown showcases some of the epic moments your fellow World of Warship players have experienced on the high seas.

  • So Sea Smackdown is basically wargaming’s shot at getting into youtube with replays. Don’t forget they can actually make money from this. People who view their videos see adverts, which then generate money for wargaming.
  • But the thing is, to make it seem more interesting, it is more like a ‘story’
  • Most of the gameplay is skipped to the more exciting parts, and much of that is shown with no HUD in 3rd person view.

What if you want to be showed in one of the Sea Smackdown videos? Well, you have to pass these extremely hard conditions:

1. Achievements
  • Kraken Unleashed – Destroy 5 or more ships in a single battle


  • High Caliber – Damage at least four enemy ships. Damage caused must exceed 30% of the total HP of all the ships on the enemy team.
2. Rules of arranging

Replays must be accompanied by post-battle screenshots and a short description:

  • Description: key moments of the battle with timing
  • Screenshots of post-battle statistics (Team Score and Personal Score tabs)

Wargaming basically don’t want to be sorting through thousands of replays, they just want the few astonishing ones. Good luck if you apply for Sea Smackdown!

See sea smackdown on wargaming’s website.