How Wargaming Fooled the Community – Submarines

April fools. Across the world, games celebrate it by bringing out joke game modes, or fooling the community. The latter happened with World of Warships. A carefully plotted plan went in place weeks before April fools to trick the community into thinking that submarines would implemented in the game. It worked perfectly.

It all started with some supposed ‘leaks’. Any leaks that are found are immediately scooped up and put on fan sites (like ours). People especially like leaks about really unusual content, not just leaks about tweaks and bug fixes. Introducing a submarine was that unusual content.

The success of this prank came because of how broad the leaks were. Simply introducing a submarine brought up so many ideas. The whole map system would have to be completely reworked so submarines could dive properly, starting positions would have to be changed to fit in the possibility of submarines. A new set of controls would have to be introduced for controlling the depth of the submarines, and a feature would have to be added so that submarines could not just camp at the seabed. The openness of the leak was what let all these ideas become possibilities

Having so many possibilities meant that people wanted to share their thoughts, so the forums and websites like us filled with thoughts about submarines coming to WoWs.

But the problem was that Wargaming explicitly said in it’s plans for the year video that they would not bring out submarines. But the video didn’t mean that they could never bring out submarines, it just meant the likelihood was a bit less.

When the patchnotes were released for the 0.6.3 public test, it did not mention anything about submarines. Some people started to think that it was just a false leak that had simply caught a lot of publicity

It was also obvious from the start that many people did not want submarines. A ton of people criticized the whole idea, and said things like it was going to ruin the game. Because of this uncertainty, people thought it was going to be a test. Many believed that submarines were going to be added to a separate gamemode to test the gameplay, so that the whole idea could be improved then implemented in the game. This seemed like a very reasonable idea, that made the leak seem even more genuine, and make it seem like submarines were actually going to be used.


With the community brainstorming all the possible ways submarines could be used, Wargaming released some official pictures with stats of the submarine. This was the final blow. Even if you were skeptical about submarines coming to WoWs when the initial leaks went out, you would have to admit that they were coming. The pictures mirrored all of the other official ship release pictures, there was nothing giving away how they wouldn’t be able to be used.

A picture of it in port:


And a picture of it with it’s stats:


The fact that it was tier XI (11) supported the idea that it would be used for testing. The submarine logo looked genuine, along with all of the pictures, so there was no reason to think that submarines weren’t going to come out.

Then finally, the main server update 0.6.3 patch notes were released. It was pretty much the same as the public test patchnotes, with carriers being reworked being one of the main attractions. But hidden with the tiny bug fixes and tons of tweaks was this:

A suprise gift.PNG

After all the hype, moaning and complaining, it was all an April fools joke. It cannot be sold, cant be used in any game mode and other things make the submarine such a joke. Wargaming spared themselves by giving a free port slot to anyone who receives the submarines. Without this a lot more people would have found the joke less funny and more frustrating. The submarine will be cool to look at, but a slot will be a lot more helpful. We think it was a great joke, that will make everyone a little more cautious when believing leaks, and even official pictures!

Also, the following update was added:

Please be informed that the April’s Fools commander will work slightly different than was announced. It will be possible to upgrade but not retrain him. The Commander will be removed along with the submarine with the next patch, and players will receive a Port Slot and a Commander for Orlan with the same amount of skill points as the removed event commander. – Orlan is a tier I Russian Cruiser

And this is not the only April fools joke made by Wargaming – They released joke patchnotes here.