USS Alabama – History, Stats and Bundles

The USS Alabama is now out in the premium shop! In real life, it is a museum ship, as it has been since 11th June 1964.

A little History

The USS Alabama was ordered on 1st April 1939. After it was built, it was launched on 16 February 1942. It was the sixth us navy ship to be named after the state of Alabama.

During world war II, she served in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. She took part in an operation that tried to lure Tirpitz out of her Norwegian port, but Germany’s navy decided not to risk sacrificing their ship.

USS Alalabama also took part in many other naval operations, providing AA support and helping marine landings. She also escorted carriers such as Essex and light carriers.

She mainly operated around the Japanese area. Because of this Alabama got hit by a kamikaze plane, but somehow nobody was killed. In fact, only 5 people were ever killed on-board Alabama, none of which were killed by the enemy. It was only when a gun misfired, where 5 men were killed. Which is why she has the nickname ‘Lucky A’


Here are the quick stats for USS Alabama:

  • 3×3 406mm guns, firing range 21.1km – max HE damage 5,700 max AP damage 13,100, reload time 30 seconds
  • 10×2 136mm secondary armement
  • 63,300 hitpoints, citadel armour 184mm – 310mm
  • 528 total average AA damage
  • Top speed 27.5 knots
  • Turning circle radius 710m

The Bundles

So now you know Alabama’s history and stats – let’s go to the bundles! This is the only way you will currently be able to get the USS Alabama. There are three bundles available:

Admiral’s Choice – Alabama 

Get ready to dig into your pockets for this one!

Price: £110.88

Current discount price: £85.23

But, needless to say you do get alot. Let’s have a look:

  • USS Alabama + Slot
  • 10k Doubleoons
  • 15million credits
  • Custom flag (see below)
  • 50x Damage control party II
  • 50x Repair party II
  • 50x Spotting Aircraft II
  • Modifications for – Main Armament, Artillery Plotting,Damage Control,Damage Control II, Target Acquisition
  • 100x Equal speed Charlie London
  • 100x Zulu Hotel

Here is the custom flag that comes exclusively with this bundle:

alabama school of warships.jpg

Captains Choice – Alabama

This bundle is still  very expensive.

Price: £55.51

Current discount: £46.88

For a huge amount you only get a stock up on Doubleoons and extra flags:

  • USS Alabama + slot
  • 5500 doubloons
  • 50x Equal speed Charlie Lonon
  • 50x Zulu hotel

Standard – Alabama

This is bundle is simply the ship and a slot, but it’s still going to cost!

Price: £37.55

As we said before it comes with

  • Alabama + slot

So there it is – USS Alabama

Should you get it? Well for gameplay it’s too early to say. But if you want it for collection it’s a must have. For this we recommend the standard bundle. If you want more than standard though, don’t go for the Admirals choice. It comes with another of gimmicks like upgrade systems, but you might as well buy them with earned credits.