High School Fleet – Coming Soon!

As we all know, Wargaming can’t resist a bit of anime. The latest example was the arpeggio of blue steel missions, and now coming soon is the High School Fleet.

For these ‘events’ or whatever you want to call them, ships are usually just given a permanent camo, which has no buffs whatsoever . But this is not an ‘event’. It’s a sneaky way of selling a few more premium ships.

There are apparently two ‘new’ ships coming – the HSF Graf Spee (that rings a bell!) and HSF Hasekaze. First of all, the Graf Spee is already in the game! If you didn’t know it was available for free when you completed the hunt for Graf Spee mission in the new year. So now they are going to sell it! Then there is the HSF Hasekaze it is a Kogero class destroyer, that featured in the HSF series. Both ships have HSF camos,  which are actually quite decent:


But the main letdown of these ships is that (just like the arpeggio ships) they are a special different ‘country’ to all the other ships in the game. In more simple terms, you won’t be able to move captains around to and from any other ships. You will be able to move captains between each of the HSF ships though.

So in the end you are buying a premium ship that is missing a pretty important premium feature. But if you just want these ships for the anime look, they’re a OK deal.