Warship (Documentary) – Series Review

In  the UK on Channel 4, a all new documentary series has been released called Warship.

Warship follows the journey of the 20 – year old HMS Ocean from the English channel all the way to the middle east. On it’s way it has to pass through terrorist waters, train it’s helicopter pilots and practice marine landings for counter-terrorist operations. During this, the cameras are let in to show the life of the crew on board, and how the ship is run day to day. Here is the documentary trailer:

Our thoughts

This program is a brilliant example of what documentaries should be. It goes into interesting depth, but does not drag on.

It is a great program to teach us  just how much effort goes into running a ship. Things that you hardly ever think of are brought up, for example:

”Our daily budget for food on this ship is £2500, that’s £2.50 per sailor for three square meals a day”

The program also shows the countless faults that spring upon the ship, and how the crew have to deal with them endlessly. Engine head failure, broken cooling system, fuel leaking, the team of engineers were always busy. The program shows that being part of the navy is not for the faint hearted.

As well as this, it also highlights the cost of the navy:

”Today we are doing target practice on ‘killer tomatoes’. We’re shooting them with hellfire missiles. The tomatoes cost £800. The missiles are £80,000. Target practice isn’t cheap!”

A killer tomato, ready to be blasted!

Some people think the navy is a waste of money, this shows that they do have a point. But as one of the rightfully said sailors said:

”We don’t want to fight. But we’re showing other countries that if we have to, we can”

We need to be able to fight, so without the funding we would be defenseless.

Overall, we definitely recommend this documentary, and hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did!

How to watch it

If you are in the UK, you can watch Warship on channel 4. It is on at 8pm on the next two Mondays.

Missed it last Monday, or live outside the UK? Watch Warship on the channel 4 iplayer.