Fire Vs Water – Battle of the Elements

First of all sorry this was late. It was delayed because of our trip to Copenhagen [post coming]

So, here comes a new exciting event where you can earn free stuff by simply playing! It is a server-wide sign up event ; there have already been two of these. But the twist is that this time, rather than everyone working together, it is a battle between two teams! The two teams are fire and water. They compete in three rounds. In each round there is five categories:

  • Ships Sunk
  • Battles Won
  • Total Damage
  • Total ribbons and achievements (e.g. hits, citadels, kills ext.)
  • Base xp

In each round, whichever team has won in the most categories wins the round. Then, at the end of the event, whoever has won the most rounds wins. This does mean that if one team wins the first two rounds they have automatically won, but the third round will still go on.

When you choose a team (choose it at the event website) you will earn a first 10 coins. You will then be able to earn further coins by contributing to each of the categories in each round. The most coins you will be able to collect per round is 300. When you have your hard earned coins, you will be able to but items in the shop with them. This is not the premium shop, everything you buy with your coins will not cost you (see the coin shop here). The main item that is up for sale in the shop is the one and only Kamikaze R with a special clash of the elements camo. But you better keep in mind that it costs 800 coins, and the most coins you can get is 900.

Another way, if not a little limited way to earn coins is from being a MVP (most valuable player) If you are in the top 100 contributors to your team in any category, you will receive 100 coins after the event. You can also gain coins from community giveaways too.

Which team to choose?

We recommend choosing team fire, as it seems to be winning at the moment!