Update 0.6.4 – Analysis

So, here comes update 0.6.4! Finally, the French Cruisers are coming!

The main features of update 0.6.4:

  • French cruisers are here! The new branch includes Bougainville, Jurien de la Gravière, Friant, Duguay-Trouin, Émile Bertin, La Galissonnière, Algérie, Charles Martel, Saint- Louis, and Henri IV. – This exiting new addition of French Cruisers is a great step forwards. More ships mean more tactical diversity, and Wargaming are definitely increasing the speed that new ship lines are coming out. We actually wrote a articles about the French Cruisers’s Pictures and Stats. To see the official stats, go here. The main strengths of the French Cruisers is the strong guns and speed boost consumable.
  • The first Italian ship, the Condottieri-class Cruiser Duca d’Aosta, is finally here! This ship is joining us at Tier VI and is fast, manoeuvrable, and sports distinct red and white recognition strips. – This PremiumTier 6 Light Cruiser is the first Italian ship in the game.
Duca d’Aosta, with its unmissable stripes!
  • Look for a new Port for players with a Premium Account: “Dry Dock,” inspired by actual shipyards like Norfolk Navy Yard from the early 1940s. “Dry Dock” replaces “Hawaii,” the current Premium Port. “Hawaii” will be converted into a standard (non-Premium) Port. – This new dry dock port looks amazing. With three diferent places your ship can be shown, and featuring dynamic lighting, this port is spectacular. It is a premium port, but (hint hint) there will be mods to unlock it without premium.
The dry dock – featuring dynamic lighting
  • We improved the appearance of the in-game maps, and paid specific attention to “Hotspot” and “Neighbors”. Improved Ring, New Dawn, Trap, Islands of Ice, Islands, and Trident. Haven and Ring now have weather effects which won’t affect gameplay. On Ring you’ll either see rain at the beginning of a battle or cloudy weather for the entire fight. – The general atmosphere for battles in these improved maps will be better. You can get a mod to remove rain if you don’t like your ship getting wet!
  • We’re increasing the space for usernames displayed in the in-game stats (Tab key) by approximately six to seven characters, and by four to five in the post-battle stats. – Only really useful if you have a long username!
  • With the approach of a cyclone, your spotting range decreases gradually. Your exact spotting range will now be displayed on the screen on the cyclone approach indicator. – This will make cyclones even more dynamic. We think that cyclones are a great part of World of Warships, and the chance of them happening should be increased.
  • Plus other tweaks and fixes. See them here.

That’s all for Update 0.6.4!