Duca d’Aosta – Premium Impressions

Duca d'Aosta Premium impressions by School of Warships

The very first Italian ship has come to the game! But of course it has to be a Premium! It’s the tier VI Duca d’Aosta. She is a light cruiser with a twist – 12km ranged torpedoes, with only 71 second reload! They do only go at 51 knots, but this could be improved with the ‘torpedo acceleration’ commander skill.

Pros and Cons

The ship has a lot of pros and cons to deal with; if played well it can be a great ship but someone showing broadside with this ship isn’t going to last long


  • Fast top speed of 36.5 knots, the fastest tier six cruiser
  • The ship can mount the Hydroacoustic Search, Defensive Fire, and Spotter Aircraft consumables simultaneously.
  • Of course, the torpedoes with their 12km range
  • High velocity guns (this can be good and bad but it often means more citadel penetration)


  • The combined letdowns of low damage output and small amount of guns gives it the lowest dpm of tier VI cruisers.
  • As with most light cruisers, the ship won’t take large caliber shells very well.
  • Only a 7% chance of fire, which would go smaller if used with Inertia Fuse High Explosive skill (which is highly recommended)
  • Slow gun traverse speed which means guns are often effected in hard turns
  • As mentioned before, slow torpedoes.

The Bundles

Of course, where Wargaming make all the money! As usual, there are three bundles – Admiral’s Choice, Captain’s Choice and Standard Bundle.

Admiral’s Choice

A bit cheaper than the Alabama bundles but still…

Price: £80.25

Current Discount Price: £58.57

What you get:

  • Duca d’Aosta — Italian Tier VI Cruiser
    1 Port Slot
  • 13,000 Doubloons
  • Main Armaments Modification 1
    Aiming System Modification 1
    Damage Control System Modification 1
    Steering Gears Modification 2
  • 100 Damage Control Party II
    100 Hydroacoustic Search II
    100 Defensive AA Fire II
    100 Spotting Aircraft II
  • 100 Zulu Signals
    100 Zulu Hotel Signals
    100 Papa Papa Signals
    100 Equal Speed Charlie London Signals
    100 Sierra Mike Signals
    100 November Echo Setteseven Signals
    100 Juliet Charlie Signals
    100 November Foxtrot Signals

You also get an ‘exclusive’ flag:

Duca d A'osta flag world of warships

If you used just one of those signal flags each game this bundle would last you 800 games!

Captain’s Choice

This is where it gets reasonable. This bundle costs as much as the HMS Belfast. The Belfast is a tier VII and a better ship, but this bundle comes with £10 worth of doubloons

Price: £27.47

Current Discount Price: £23.42

What you get:

  • Duca d’Aosta (Italian Tier VI Cruiser)
    1 Port Slot
  • 3,000 Doubloons
  • 50 Equal Speed Charlie London Signal Flags
    50 Zulu Hotel Signal Flags

Standard Bundle

The bare bones, the ship and the slot:

Price: £15.81

What you get:

  • Duca d’Aosta (Italian Tier VI Cruiser)
    1 Port Slot


Here are some pictures of the Duca d’Aosta:

oficiall stats of the Duca d'Aosta

duca d a'osta 2.jpg

Above the Duca d'Aosta

duca d a'osta 3.jpg


It isn’t a bad price for a tier 6! We have seen so many of them in battle (along with the hundreds of tier VII+ French Cruisers! they were released only a few days ago). Whether you get it really depends on your style, or if you just want to finally get a Italian ship!