Update – Patch Analysis

Here are the patch notes for Update

Balances (For the newly added French Cruisers)

These balances are basically to buff the French Cruisers because people have been complaining that the French aren’t *good enough*

  • The power and firing range of the 57mm /60 ACAD Mle 1951 AA weapons for the cruiser Henri IV were increased: damage per second was changed from 97 to 204 and range from 3.5 km to 4.5 km. – this will make the Henri IV more competitive when it comes to AA, if there are any planes to shoot at!
  • Maximum speed was increased from 35 to 39 knots for the cruiser Émile Bertin. – This buff makes the Émile Bertin faster than some destroyers! 

Production test only (only for people supertesting these ships)

The Hood is getting buffs (because it’s a premium obviously!) 

  • Now, defensive AA increases the intensity of fire of only UP AA Rocket Mark I (the accuracy of squadron fire is decreased only within the UP AA Rocket Mark I engagement area). The intensity was increased 25 fold; defensive AA fire is active for one minute (60 seconds). – This is actually a nerf to the mighty hood!
  • When superstructures, casemates, service spaces above casemates, plates, and hulls are hit, the rate of restored HP is increased from 0.5 to 0.6. – This increases the effectiveness of Hood’s damage restoration, an overall combat capability. 
  • AP shell fuse arming delay is up to 0.15 seconds (was up to 0.33 seconds). – This means less overpenetrating on cruisers at the expense of a little less penetration on battleships.
  • AP shell ricochet angles are similar to the 203 mm AP shell ricochet angles on U.S. heavy cruisers.
  • Turret rotation speed was increased to 6 degrees per second (previously 5 degrees per second). – Many people have commented that they want more accuracy on the Hood rather than this rotation speed buff!
  • Rudder shift time was decreased to 13.4 seconds (previously 15.8 seconds). – Making the Hood more maneuverable gives it an edge as a battlecruiser against torpedoes that most battleships don’t have.
  • Firing range was increased by 1 km (18,570 m). – This buff on the firing range will make the ship a little more punishing to ships trying to escape it’s grasp.
  • Kaga: The distance between the first and the second torpedo bomber lines is increased by 15 metres, from 300 to 315 metres. – Not quite sure what this means, but we assume it is a slight nerf