Update 0.6.5 – Analysis

Update analysis for World of Warships Update 0.6.5

Here is some update analysis for update 0.6.5. It’s going to be a long one!

Hunt for Bismark Campaign

We don’t want to be the ones to bore you with the endless details about this campaign. We will sum it up:

  • Players who complete the entire campaign will be rewarded with the legendary Bismarck and a Port Slot.
  • It is the first campaign to be historical in World of Warships
  • It is split into 7 missions with 8 tasks in each
  • Historical notes are also added to parts of the campaign!
  • For each completed task, players will receive a special container that will be available only for the duration of the campaign. Apart from collection items, special containers may contain unique signal flags and exclusive camouflages.
  • Special skins for Bismark and Hood will be available
  • The Campaign is available for all players with service record level 8 or higher from 19 May and will finish on 8 June!

We have just very simply summed this up, we recommend you see the full details here.

Collections and Collections Items

This new feature has come to tie in with the Hunt for Bismark campaign.

Collection items are collected for prizes:

”Once a collection is complete, a valuable prize is granted! Each collection contains an album that can be filled with collection items.”

User Interface

We have added a mission carousel in the Campaigns window to make the transition between selected tasks faster and easier: – This is good because the former mission interface was quite laggy and not very nice to use.

Now new campaigns will always appear at the top of the list and will be marked with a special icon. – This will make the ‘new’ campaigns more noticeable for newer players.

After the final task is completed, a window saying that the campaign is finished will appear:

The “Collect reward” button shows the window with the reward that will be credited to players’ accounts when hovering over this button. – This feature will be helpful in case you do not know what your reward is, but you might as well just collect it and look for the notification in port.

Other new interface improvements:

  • It is now possible to return to Port from any campaign window by pressing the ESC key. The previous windows in the Campaigns section can now be opened by clicking the button in the top left corner – This is a shame! We got used the ESC button to switch between different missions on the campaign rather than using the back button in the top left (this took you back to port).
  • By clicking the “Collect reward” button, players will be taken to the screen of the task completed first. This is intended to make the selection of subsequent tasks within a mission more convenient. – A helpful, logical feature, given the fact that when you have finished one mission you will have space to set another one.
  • A slot is also displayed in the list of rewards when receiving a ship as a reward for accomplishing campaign missions and other in-game activities. – It’s quite unusual that this did not happen before, as ships given usually have to have a port slot to fit, or you will not be able to receive the award ship!
  • When double-clicking a task, no hint is displayed now. – We never noticed this feature! Maybe this is so they don’t need to make any more hints for later missions…
  • Pins that were issued to players for successful completion of tasks were replaced with stars. This change did not have any influence on the mechanics of campaigns.
  • Some wordings were changed to make them clearer.
  • The Hunt for Bismarck campaign now contains descriptions of historic events for each mission and for the entire campaign. – That’s a nice touch to the game seen as it is based around historically accurate ships!

‘Broken’ Camouflages

A new type of camouflage has been added to the game. It works like a regular camouflage but it changes the ship’s appearance and alters its shape. 

Players who prefer not to see this camouflage in battle can hide it in the Port.

-These camouflages actually look decent! They are a nice touch but it defies some logic. Should destroyed ships still be floating? 🙂

New Ships and Flags

  • The following Premium ships were added to the game client for testing by developers and supertesters: De Grasse (French Tier VI cruiser), and Kidd (U.S. Tier VIII Destroyer). These ships are not available for purchase and research but players may encounter them in battle. – The hype is on! Kidd and De Grasse are both wanted by the community, a lot!

Campaign Camouflage: The expendable “Hunter” camouflage will be available for all ships. It is achieved through the Hunt for Bismarck campaign and offers the following benefits:

  • Standard battle performance bonuses
  • +20% to credits
  • +50% to XP
  • +100% to Commander XP

-This camo will be good for grinding extra xp.

“From the bottom of the ocean” camouflage and “The last cruise” camouflage for Bismarck and Hood added. They are achieved by completing the Hunt for Bismarck campaign and from completing the collection, and offer the following benefits:

  • Standard battle performance bonuses
  • +50% to XP

-We’re pretty sure these are the ‘destroyed style camos.

New special Signal Flags were added. In update 0.6.5, they can be earned during the “The Hunt for Bismarck” campaign:

Image Flag Name Flag Effect
Wyvern  +50% Credits
Red Dragon +100% to XP

+100% to Commander XP

Ouroboros +777% to Free XP
Hydra +50% to XP

+150% to Commander XP,

+250% to Free XP

-These flags give quite good buffs (especially Ouroboros!)

Other Boring Stuff

  • Ship Appearance changes
  • New Achievements
  • Signals are now divided into three groups: economic, combat, and special. Signals in each group are sorted by roles.
    • Camouflage can be demounted and can be used later (like signals).
    • Added an option in the Port that allows hiding or showing additional content, such as ARP ships or special camouflage. The menu with this option can be found above the ship carousel. Now players can adjust the display of the in-game content as they want:
      • It is possible not to set any restrictions and show all in-game content.
      • It is also possible to hide all in-game content in the Port. In this case, all ships in battle will be displayed as standard researchable ships.
      • It is possible to hide the unique camouflage of a ship but to keep ships in the Port. In this case, all ships in battle and in the Port will be displayed as standard researchable ships, and Commanders will look like regular Commanders but can be assigned only to special ships.
  • After Update 0.6.5 releases all filters will be set according to the settings the player had in their latest game session.
  • Added advanced settings for dynamic lighting—”Medium”. This will allow for optimising the game client performance when using dynamic lighting. 

Best of all Camouflages can be demounted! This means you can buy an event camo (just one for doubloons) and demount it to keep it forever!

Phew! That is long! Have fun in Update 0.6.5!