Update -Patch Analysis

The update analysis for World of Warships Update, by School of Warships

Here is a really quick patch analysis for World of Warships update

  • Fixed an issue that caused ships to be sold together with the camouflage mounted on them. Now it is dismounted and placed in the Inventory – This is especially good if you bought a premium camo!
  • Fixed issue where the message for choosing an incorrect ship and battle type to fulfil campaign tasks was displayed in Russian – This would have been a funny glitch. Someone would probably have thought they had been hacked!
  • In the final task reward for mission #3 in the Hunt for Bismarck campaign, the Secondary Battery Modification 1 upgrade is credited, which cannot be mounted on any ship. –  This is a complicated glitch with the hunt for Bismark campaign.

Also, Wargaming added this:

Important: With Update, the reward in this task will be changed to Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1, and we will remove the incorrect upgrade from all players who have already received this reward and credit them with the correct one. To avoid a loss in credits, we are asking players not to sell the incorrect upgrade and wait for the release of version to have it changed to the right one. Players who have sold the Secondary Battery Modification 1 will not get it exchanged.

-Same as last time

And also:

  • Fixed an issue that caused Aircraft Carriers’ cameras to switch to the tracking camera when several navigation points are set via the Shift key when the “Switch off Shift on aircraft carriers” option is turned off. – That would have been annoying!
 That’s all for now,  it was a bit shorter than the Update 0.6.5 – Analysis!