WOWs Scenarios – A review of some sort

World of Warships Scenarios really has changed the whole game meta of the game. This new game mode, if you don’t already know, is completely different to normal matches, even Ranked Battles and Team Battles. It features many PVP ‘operations’. These are battles against Ai. But despite this, they are nothing like Co-Op battles. The aim of the operations is not the usual get the most points or take out the entire enemy team. The aim is in fact to complete objectives. These objectives can be from defending a fortress to intercepting a convoy or taking out enemy carriers to destroying onshore installations. As you can see, this makes the game mode completely different to any of the other game modes.

But the question really is – how successful is Scenarios. Well, we will be looking at it in three ways:

  • Gameplay
  • Challenge level
  • AI


To pretty much sum it up, the Gameplay of Scenarios is awesome. As more and more Operations are released, the diversity of Gameplay really is showing. Also, gameplay becomes more realistic not in the graphics, but in the ‘aim’ of the game. As many people in the World of Warships community have pointed out, two fleets of ships fighting to capture circles of buoys!

Challenge Level

To be honest, the challenge level of Scenarios really varies, due to the different Operations. But there is one point worth noting. When ‘reinforcements’ come, even if the whole team of actual players is taken out, the game still carries on. This means simply surviving on some cases doesn’t really matter, which is a shame.


As Wargaming pointed out in their Update 0.6.6 patch notes, the AI for Operations was improved. Let’s just say they did a very good job. In Co-Op battles, the AI team doesn’t work as a team and are no match to real players even at low tiers. But the new and improved AIs are much better than that. They even have defeated real, tier 6 and 7 players in some Operations!


In conclusion, World of Warships Scenarios & Operations is a great new gamemode that gives alot more diversity to the game.