Update 0.6.7 Analysis – Ranked is Back! 

So, which the coming of update 0.6.7, ranked battles are back for World of Warships!

So, with the coming of update 0.6.7, ranked battles are back! Along with a new map, and changes to rewards for spotting and spotting damage, this update is going to be a good one!

Ranked Battles are Back!

So here they are again, the exciting 7v7 player clashes that take you up the rank ladder, granting you great prizes on the way. The things you need to know about this season are:

  • Battles are primarily tier VI (6) but when you are at rank 1, you play ranked battles in tier VIII (8)
  • The Season Starts: June 30 at 08:00 CEST (UTC+2)
  • The Season Ends: August 07 08:00 CEST (UTC+2)
  • Same rules as usual ranked battles.

Name Changing

You can now change your account name – for doubloons of course!

Economy Changes

Wargaming has changed the rewards for the following team play actions by these percentages.

  • Increased reward for spotting ships by ~25% for carriers and by ~50% for cruisers and destroyers
  • Increased reward for damage from your spotting by ~50% for carriers and by ~75% for cruisers and destroyers
  • Decreased reward for potential damage by 75% for carriers, by 50% for battleships and destroyers, and by 25% for cruisers

This is brilliant, spotting ships has been neglected reward wise, and it’s great to see some team play encouraging buffs.

Also, Wargaming has decided that they are increasing the rewards for doing what your ‘priority activities’. You will get more rewards for:

  • Carriers: Damage upon your spotting; spotting
  • Battleships: Potential damage
  • Cruisers: Potential damage; damage upon your spotting; spotting
  • Destroyers: Damage upon your spotting; spotting; potential damage

Please note that Wargaming’s definition of ‘Potential Damage’ is:

  • Potential maximum damage from shells, bombs and torpedoes that hit your ship, with or without causing damage
  • Potential damage from shells, bombs and torpedoes that were fired/launched by the enemy at your ship but which did not hit

So simply it’s the max damage you could cause and the damage aimed at your ship that missed.

Credit and Xp Ratio Changes

The following changes are for xp and credit earning:



  • Erie: -10%
  • Black Swan: -5%
  • Hermelin: -10%
  • Hashidate: -5%
  • Orlan: -5%
  • Bouganville +10%
  • T-22: +5%;
  • Podvoisky: +10%
  • Gnevny: +10%
  • Ognevoi: +10%
  • Tashkent: +10%

Premium Ships:

  • Mutsu: +5%
  • Duca d’Aosta: +5%
  • South Carolina: -5%
  • North Carolina: -5%
  • Erie: -5%
  • Bouganville: +5%
  • Nürnberg: +5%
  • Aoba: +5%
  • Orlan: -5%
  • Budyonny: +5%
  • Isokaze: +5%
  • Storozhevoi: -5%
  • Podvoisky: +5%
  • Gnevny: +5%
  • Minsk: +5%
  • Kiev: +5%
  • Tashkent: +10%
  • Grozovoi: +5%

New Ships

Note – these are only for supertesters and contributors:

Premium Soviet Tier V battleship Oktyabrskaya Revoluciya, British battleships HMS Nelson, HMS King George VLion and Conqueror (Tiers VII-X)

New Map: Riposte

the new "Riposte" map, created specifically for Ranked Battles in World of Warships

This new map is apparently for ranked battles. It features a Mediterranean setting and a quite symmetrical map.

Visual Changes

  • New water graphics – lighting is now taken into account!
  • Reworked sky textures for all weather conditions
  • Reworked the settings for water and lighting
  • On all available maps, we have improved the visibility of the torpedo cone, shell tracers and smoke screen boundaries, and reduced the thickness of fog.
  • Improved lighting effects on all maps, added dynamic lighting on most too.

Audio Changes

Wargaming has added some settings so you can control your audio track style:

1. Mixed: Keeps the music the same as the previous update

2. Original: Only plays tracks added before the introduction of dynamic music

3. Dynamic: Plays dynamic music only, without old tracks

That’s All for Update 0.6.7. Enjoy ranked battles!