The Future of School of Warships

It’s been a while since we posted. It’s really tough to post frequently, but that was our main aim when we created this website. We believed we would post around once every two days. But the truth is, that’s just too hard. When you spend so long writing posts that are outdated, it’s tough to go back and write another in a day. So we have decided that we are going to change the running of School of Warships, and rather than just doing it without telling you, the supporters of the website, we decided to tell you everything we are changing, and why.

Shifting to Static Pages

You may not know what this means, but all it is is using ‘static’ pages, rather than posting posts frequently. It simply means the stuff we publish doesn’t get lost in our posts. But don’t worry our time-related posts will stay as posts. But the things like map tactics and ship reviews will turn into static pages.

Moving Map Tactics

As we said earlier, we will be moving map tactics to static pages. These will be set out just like our guides are set out. We are simply doing this so that our map tactics are more accessible, and they are stored in a more structured and user-friendly way since they are not time-related.

Moving and Making Changes to Ship Reviews

Just like Map Tactics, we are going to move ship reviews to be static pages. We are going to make the structure more simple, and add a lot more ship reviews (than the lame 1 we have currently!)

Less Posts

We are going to be posting less, but we will be adding more ship reviews and Map Tactics. This is simply because there isn’t enough ‘time related’ stuff to talk about with World of Wardships


It’s been a tough ride, the first months of this website. Painfully small amounts of views, but we will still keep going. We could just go the easy route of re-posting leaks and copying content (like some others do), but we believe there are some of you out there who really appreciate our work, so we give you quality.

A final request, for all of our loyal supporters of this site. That you share this site and keep supporting us. It’s been tough, but we know we can get this website popular. So, a massive thank you for all the support you have given, and the support you will give.

Note: Changes discussed in this post will be implemented by tomorrow.