The Top 5 most Unusual Types of World of Warships Players

So, you think you know about the types of World of Warships players? You know the noob, the pro ext. But have you ever thought of these? Enjoy!

5 – The Low Tier Player

Yes, thank you, it is a great title [not], we are very creative. We couldn’t really think of another name for this. Someone mentioned seal clubbing, uhmmm which is, somewhat unusual. But anyway, back to the point, the low tier player is pretty self-explanatory. They play low tiers. No, we don’t mean people who have just started the game [sigh], we mean people who have played the game for a while and still play at lower tiers. Maybe it’s that feeling that they are better than the others is what they want, but it’s somewhat a cheaty way to get that.

4 – The Collector

So, what do we mean, ‘the collector?’ we mean someone who collects ships to simply have in their port, not to play on. Yea! They only get ships to have because of historical significance, or ‘other reasons’ not to play with. These collectors go to the extreme – some even buy premium ships they aren’t going to use! You’d have thought that the game was made for playing with the ships, and you would be correct. But no, these collectors do not agree!

3 – The Rammer

Well, this title pretty much sums up this player. We all have those games where we feel like we don’t want to contribute anymore, and just want to ram into an enemy ship, and leave the game gracefully without a fuss. Yes, people will call you a noob, but who cares? Maybe that’s just us, but more to the point [again!]. Some players seem to go into every single battle just wanting to ram someone. You don’t find many of these players around, and they usually are at the lower tiers trying to troll / be funny / get attention ext. But it might be helpful if they make a few shots before going down. If they are on your team of course! 🙂

2 – The Patriot

This isn’t so much a play style in the game but dictates which ships the player buys. They believe that they should only buy ships that are of their own country! Yes, it’s pretty unbelievable that people go so far, it’s only a game! We know quite a few people who are this type of World of Warships player, and nothing can persuade them to choose any other tech tree!

1 – The Co-Op Addict

This one was actually the type of World of Warships player that inspired us to make this post. We saw somewhere on the forum someone said they had played 2000 co-op battles. 2000 battles against bots! Apparently, this was because they thought playing against real people caused too much hate. Seriously though, the co-op battles you have to do in at the start of a new ship line are bad enough, how bad would that be for grinding!

A Summary of Some Sort

So, those are the top 5 most Unusual types of World of Warships players! We hope you enjoyed this list post. What do you think, are you one of these unusual bunch? Have a say below!

Note – If we get enough ticks on did you enjoy this post we will do another list post!