World of Warships Update 0.6.8 – Analysis

Update analysis of World of Warships update 0.6.8

So, here comes World of Warships Update 0.6.8, featuring a Dunkirk operation, and a new quick commands interface!

Dunkirk Event

It seems that they have timed it around the end of the Dunkirk Evacuation (the operation ended at about 4 June 1940. It is the very first historically based world of warships operation!

”It is comprised of two separate parts: the first historical operation, Operation Dynamo in Scenarios, and the second collection in the game that will include 16 collectible items.”

All details are available in a separate topic on the portal dedicated to this game event. The key features are:

New game mechanics:

  • Minefields
  • Evacuation zones and embarkation/disembarkation

Look at that, minefields!! So we got something right in our Sea mines in World of Warships – A speculation!!

The full details of the event are here:

User Interface Changes

Quick Commands

For better coordination in battle, quick commands have been redesigned.

Remember, however, that commands may also be sent using the F2, F3, etc. keys. Please see below for details about hotkey assignment!

The most notable innovation is the radial panel of quick commands, which differs depending on your view. To access it, press the default “B” hotkey:

  1. A full-screen quick command panel is available in the ship and binocular views (main guns camera, torpedo tubes camera).
  2. A mini quick command panel is available when making control operations with the cursor as well as in the Tactical Map and Aircraft Carrier views.

Here is a preview of the radial view:

Antispam for quick commands

Wargaming has issued an anti-spam method, enforcing blocks:

  • For 5 seconds if it happens for the first time in one minute
  • For 15 seconds if it happens for the second time in a minute
  • For 30 seconds if it happens more than two times in a minute


Superontainers now have a chance of having:

  • Premium Ships:
    • De Grasse, Duca d’Aosta, Mutsu, Alabama
  • x50 sets of the following camouflages:
    • gamescom, WoWS Birthday, Restless Fire, Halloween 2016, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day (Lá Fhéile Pádraig)
  • x25, x50 and x100 sets of other Signal Flags:
    • Wyvern, Red Dragon, Ouroboros, Hydra
  • Added x100 sets of economic and combat Signal Flags
    1. Zulu
    2. Equal Speed Charlie London
    3. Zulu Hotel
    4. India Delta
    5. India Yankee
    6. Juliet Charlie
    7. November Foxtrot
    8. Sierra Mike
    9. November Echo Setteseven
    10. Victor Lima
    11. India X-Ray

Also, the 5 and 10 million credits have been removed, and the change of getting special upgrades has decreased slightly.

Boring stuff

  • Lots of appearance changes
  • Changes to custom modifications
  • Changes to some operations
  • Ship stat tweaks

So, that’s’ World of Warships Update 0.6.8. Enjoy!