World of Warships Update 0.6.10 – Analysis

Finally, the long awaited British Battleships are here! Along with some amazing sound and visual improvements, World of Warships Update 0.6.10 is a great update!

Finally, the long awaited British Battleships are here! Along with some amazing sound and visual improvements, Update 0.6.10 is a great update!

British Battleships

Yep, they are here! Let’s not bore you with all the stats and descriptions of all the ships, but you might want to know at least something about them:

  • Wargaming states that ‘The tier III-VI ships reward aggressive play and absorb punishment well with thick hulls and bouncy bow armour, while tier VII-X ships gain better concealment so you can take a little more time setting up for the perfect salvo.‘ – this is due to the fact that the lower tier ships have slightly better armour for their tier, and the higher tier ships substitute this for concealment.

The ship names go as following:

  • Tier III: Bellerophon
  • Tier IV: Orion
  • Tier V: Iron Duke
  • Tier VI: Queen Elizabeth
  • Tier VII: King George V
  • Tier IX: Lion
  • Tier X: Conqueror

Their advantages over other Battleships are:

  • High Damage High Explosive shells
  • An extremely efficient Repair Party
  • High tier ships have very low detection ranges for Battleships

Also, there you get some of the Battleships for free from the British Battleships missions:

Blueprint 1: Tier III HMS Bellerophon + Port Slot

Blueprint 2: Tier IV HMS Orion + Port Slot

Blueprint 3: Tier V HMS Iron Duke + Port Slot + Iron Duke Flag

Players who obtained all three blueprints will be rewarded all three ships, three Port Slots and the Iron Duke Flag.

The British Battleships have come to world of Warships (image)

New Effects:

Wargaming said:

We’ve been gradually improving our graphics over several updates, with dynamic lighting for maps and Port, external views of the ships, and water lighting and visualisation. This update introduces battle interactions: a spectacular, long-awaited graphics change. Now, dynamic lighting effects appear on main and secondary battery shots and hits, with smoother water splashes caused by torpedo explosions, ship destruction, fires and even shots fired hitting terrain!

These changes are really quite noticeable, especially on torpedo impacts.

Sound Changes

There have been a few changes to the sound, enhancing ambient noise and adding sounds for when you achieve ribbons, and also fixes for the arpeggio voiceovers, but they still lack the newly added quick commands.

Less interesting stuff

  • Interface changes
  • File storage changes, to help improve download speeds
  • Bug fixes
  • Decreased loading time for the in-game browsers
  • Hood and Gallant added for purchase in game
  • Added a permanent camo for destroyer Gnevny
  • New commemorative flags

So, that’s all for the World of Warships Update 0.6.10!